Beach boys and girls

Everyday now we go to different excursions. I want them to explore and discover different things and places while they are here at Kennel Adorea.
Yesterday we all vent to the vet to the obligatory puppy check. The vet was so impressed by the pups. They were so calm and confident while she checked them at the table.
After the vet we all vent to the beach. The pups loved it!!! It’s so fun to go on adventures with them! Here are some pics:


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The names!

All the F-puppy names are today decided:

Boys: Adoreas Red Fenris, Finn, Felix and Fivel.

Girls: Adoreas Red Fendi, Fira, Felice, Frydi and Frøya.

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“Grandma” Ingrid!

We got this message from Nisse’s owner Ingrid:

“Jag tänker på er alla i Norge och helgen som skulle blivit så rolig. Jag är verkligen ledsen, men jag vågar inte lämna mingamla trotjänare ännu så länge. Pappa Nisse känner nog att något är fel med sin vän så vi hjälps åt att hålla koll på gamla Loffe.Underbara är dom våra hundar.
Stort lycka till med alla sötnosarna till er alla så kanske vi ses nån gång framöver.
Kram från oss till er alla”


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Daddy Nisse

We were so looking forward to show daddy Nisse and owner Ingrid all our lovely common pups this weekend. But unfortunatly Ingrid’s other dog, Loffe, is very ill. So they can’t leave him. Ingrid is also very sorry not to get to know you puppy buyers and not ot be able to meet the pups now. But we all hope that you will get to meet them later, and that Loffe is getting better!
More about Loffe here.


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Busy days with excursions and visitors

The pups are 7 weeks old tomorrow and the days are really busy now. We have been to several excursions and they are so good with car driving and meeting new places and people (and dogs).
Here are som pics from Saturday:

The pups are just put out of the car.

Vegard (son of Erik’s friends), Erik and Mr Brown.

Miss Purple and Mr Black exploring

The pups meeting sweet Evi (English Setter)

Friend Tone, big sis Caprice, Erik and the pups

Breeder GT and Miss Green

Friend Annette “attacked” by pups

Big sis Caprice

Mr Brown

Miss Burgundy

Miss Burgundy

The F-gang in the car. They sleept in the car for a couple of hours yesterday, so they get used to the crate in the car now

They get several meals outside so they can “do their things” outside after eating. Our clever pups!!!

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Dog days in the sun!

The pups spend lots of time outside now, and they get to know all the sounds in the neighbourhood. Small and big cars (even the noise from “Russebiler”), kids screaming, cats fighting, other dogs barking, lots of people talking, birds yelling, and lots of nois from carpenters (and others) working on the neighbours houses.
The pups also get lots of visitors, and they love it!

The pups have also been dewormed for the 3rd time, and they will get it a 4th time also when they are here at Adoreas.

Here is a pic from the gang in the sun:

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The pups in the garden

The weather was not that good today, but the pups have been outside running. We have had visitors all day. Both puppy buyers and others, including kids. Here are some pis from the puppy yard in the garden:

Mr Black

Miss Orange

Miss Green

Miss Green and Miss Burgundy

Miss Yellow

Miss Yellow and Miss Orange

Mr Black

Miss Orange and Mr Blue

Mr Beige

Miss Yellow and Mr Blue

Miss Green

Miss Green

Miss Purple and Miss Green

Miss Yellow

Miss Yellow

Mr Beige

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